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Pledge book? Not hazing.
Clean scavenger hunts? Not hazing.
Know the sisters by name? Not hazing. But I'd probably limit it to one class in a chapter of 400 members. My chapter is now about 100; that's probably the limit for knowing by name or nickname. I did have to get signatures from all the sisters, but there were only about 20, and whether or not it was prohibited (I don't think it was *necessary*), was not required to do anything but as for the signature.

My favorite activity from my collegiate days was a big/little reveal where a pledge stepped off the elevator to find a tag with her name on it. Attached to that tag were yards and yards, perhaps hundreds of yards, of yarn/string/cord/twine, tangled in with others' strings, leading her to little clues and gifts, and eventually to her big in the chapter room. That's no longer done because "someone" "might" consider it hazing. No one was humiliated. No one was harmed. No one was forced into anything. Not hazing.

We've gone overboard.
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