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Originally Posted by Sciencewoman View Post daughter "generallygreek" took over and wrote most of it. She whipped this out in about 20 minutes, while her own recruitment story took about a month to complete, inciting prodding and irritation on the part of other GCers who were following her story.

Interestingly, we have a pair of barred owls that nest on our property, so we have been owl lovers for a long time. I think it was meant to be!
Yes, someone in your family was destined to have an owl play a special place in his or her life. As you know, there is an owl perched at the top of our crest. We are a family of owl lovers as well: a FIJI, a Chi O and a Kappa. And no matter where we lived, we've also always had owls on or near our property. They are such mysterious--yet majestic--creatures.
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