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Shortest Fraternity Recruitment Story Ever

LaneSig has been asking me for details on this, so this is for you, LaneSig! We need a good fraternity recruitment story.

I posted in "Who's Rushing 2016-2017" that my son was planning to go through fraternity recruitment this fall. Well, he did--and he just called to say he'd been given a bid by his favorite, which he signed. His sister and I are very happy for him!

There are 10 fraternities on his campus, but the Gamma Phis that I advise were really promoting their winning Greek Week partners from this past spring. They passed on a good recommendation for him, and he was texted by their rush chair before school started. The rush chair wasted no time and offered to help him move in (which he politely declined) and to take him out to dinner the day after, while he was getting to know campus.

A few nights later, he was invited to go with a bunch of the guys and other PNMs to Applebee's after class, which he apparently enjoyed. He asked if he could bring along a friend from high school who lives in his dorm, and he came, too.

A couple nights later was Meet the Greeks, which was PACKED! His sister, a Pi Phi, went with him for moral support, as well as to meet a few of the Gamma Phi actives she knows and say hi. Generallygreek's going to grad school at the same university, and they've always been pretty close, so it probably helped to have a second pair of eyes he trusted searching the shoulder-to-shoulder madhouse that had consumed the Union. After some searching (and a text to the rush chair), they found the guys, and generallygreek departed for the safety of the women's side.

He was greeted warmly: the rush chair, despite being busy, slung an arm around his shoulder and introduced him by saying "This is my guy" (I guess fraternity guys have rush crushes, too!) before heading back into the fray, as he seemed to feel this was sufficient introduction. He was wearing a purple shirt (hint, hint), and one of the guys remarked about it, saying "Hey, you've got the right color on!" He got several numbers from the actives that were there, and has been texting back and forth with them since then.

The official events start this week, but some bids went out even earlier than today, as different groups are fighting to get to the guys they want first. The rush chair texted him, asking to meet up so he could sign the grade release form (the final piece of paperwork), and they agreed to meet outside his dorm tonight after class.

When he came outside to meet him, there were five actives waiting for him, which threw him off. As soon as he'd signed the form, the rush chair went into a big speech that went something like, "On behalf of our chapter, we'd like to formally extend to you an invitation to become a member of..."


Otherwise known as FIJI! He was very excited, obviously, and the guys all exchanged hugs. He called us right after to let us know, and it was as happy a surprise for us as it was for him! Pref is actually still a week away, so none of us were expecting it, but we're all obviously pleased he found his brothers so soon. We're so happy to have another Greek in the family!!!
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