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Originally Posted by Penumbrae View Post
Hey Greeks!

I'm actually a high school Junior, but I'm double legacy for the University of Florida, and with pre-paid tuition and a Bright Futures Scholarship, I think that's where I intend to go undergrad so that I can conserve funds for a top tier law school. I started looking into athletics at Florida, but to my dismay, the rowing team is a pretty weak club team without much relevance.

I hadn't really considered joining a fraternity in the past, but it seems like it might be a good way to get involved in campus life. I started doing some research on fraternities, which lead me here. I've been unable to gather much helpful information on what the different fraternities' communities are really like, so I thought I might as well ask.

I've read what the top tier fraternities are at UF, but that hasn't really been much help in choosing a fraternity to aim for.

What are the stereotypes of the top ten or so fraternities at UF? Are they accurate?

What sort of pledge class does each fraternity tend to bring in each year (Southern or SoFlo, Polite or Douchey, etc.)?

And I apologize for boring ya'll, but here's a bit about myself, and could anyone familiar with the UF fraternities make some suggestions about best fit, etc.?

I'm 6'0 flat, fairly athletic, my mother is from a somewhat aristocratic southern family from Alabama, but my father's family is from the Central Mediterranean, so I look a bit tan/European (I know there are some racial factors that go into the selection of pledge classes, so I thought that'd be relevant).

I'm well mannered, a solid conversationalist, and I do pretty well with the ladies at my school (though I'm not much for the hardcore snort-cocaine-and-party-and-have-sex-with-everyone scene). I dress well, probably best described as Southern prep (khakis or pastel colored shorts above the knee, with a polo or button down and moccasins), and take care of my appearance (though I make an effort not to go too far. While I don't really have an opinion on gay guys, not my style to be mistaken as one.).

I don't have much of a problem fitting into most groups, though I prefer not to hang with the basketball-shorts-and-snapbacks crowd or the hardcore-druggies. I live in Orlando, but I spend most of my holidays in Pensacola, FL or Mobile, AL , so I'm sort of awkwardly in between the two. I'm pretty relaxed about everything, though I've stayed in the top 5% of my highschool's class. That's about everything that might be relevant.

Sorry for the long read!
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