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Originally Posted by AXOrushadvisor View Post
I don't know if once a Chapter gets to a certain size any PNM could be happy there? If I am a conservative girl and join a Chapter that is very social it might not be a good fit for me. Yes, there may be girls I like and have fun with but my experience wouldn't match my expectations of doing more community service and sisterhood events then fraternity social activities.
I was going to say something similar. A post on here (now deleted) talked about how at a certain large school, your social and extracurricular opportunities WERE greatly differing depending on which chapter you joined. If you are only joining for sisterhood and could care less about those things, it might not matter. If a big part of joining for you is those things, then no, you won't "fit." It has nothing to do with whether or not you like the girls. And we are talking a big chunk of change here for you to participate in something that you don't feel is giving you all it should.
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