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Originally Posted by sta3535 View Post
I partly blame my diagnosis of mild (high functioning) autism, but I eventually got over it & moved on.
Well. Here's the crux ("vital, basic, decisive or pivotal point") of your situation. Having spent decades diagnosing and treating Autism Spectrum Disorders as part of a multi-disciplinary team, I'm nodding my head at that sentence, buried in all your questions and thoughts in your post. Everything you wrote makes sense to me based on that sentence.

Socially, navigating the Greek Life waters would be extremely challenging for anyone on the spectrum ("high functioning" or not, and BTW that term has fallen out of favor recently). So many neurotypical subtleties and cues that are intuitive to us, yet are almost impossible for neurodivergent people to process. I could videotape the interaction, sit with you, and point out the missteps. You possibly would see what I'm seeing. That's a starting point for treatment. But I digress.

So, as to the other parts of your post: you're showing curiosity about situations (i.e. asking questions to which the answers are apparent) that are intuitive to non-ASD people, which also illustrates the social challenges faced by those on the spectrum. My intent here is to be helpful and look at what you wrote through another lens. Your Greek *fraternity* friend gave you a great explanation! I'm glad that you've moved on. You likely dodged a bullet by not becoming a member of a fraternity (my opinion, folks!).
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