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Albright College
Reading, PA
Campus Total=56 (Spring 2019)
Quota last Year=11
Phi Mu Phi Beta 1986
Alpha Delta Pi Eta Lambda 1987
Sigma Kappa Theta Theta 1987
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Iota 1991-?

Allegheny College
Meadville, PA
Campus Total=65
Quota Last Year=9?
Kappa Alpha Theta Mu 1876-1876/1881
Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma Rho 1888
Alpha Chi Omega Delta 1891
Alpha Gamma Delta Kappa 1912-1996
Theta Upsilon Eta 1924-1955
Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Rho 1926-1970

Alpha Delta Pi Eta Beta 1983
Delta Delta Delta Epsilon Iota 2008 (5)

Alliance College
Pittsburgh, PA

Delta Zeta Iota Gamma 1966-1979

Bloomsburg University
Bloomsburg, PA
Fall Quota=
Spring Quota=
Campus Total=46 (Fall 2016)
Fall Quota Last Year=
Spring Quota Last Year=9
Sigma Sigma Sigma Delta Zeta 1971
Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Chi 1979
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Nu 1979
Phi Sigma Sigma Epsilon Zeta 1988
Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Chi 1991

Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA
Campus Total=111 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=35
Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania Beta 1895-2012 Suspended until 2015
Alpha Chi Omega Eta 1898-1899/1921
Delta Delta Delta Tau 1904-2003
Kappa Delta Phi Tau 1915-1970
Phi Mu Beta Kappa 1922-1986/1987-2000

Delta Zeta Beta Theta 1930-1978/2017
Alpha Phi Beta Chi 1948-1978
Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Phi 1948
Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Omega 1953-1964
Gamma Phi Beta Delta Xi 1978-1987

Delta Gamma Epsilon Beta 1978
Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Rho 1980-1982
Kappa Alpha Theta Epsilon Pi 1984
Chi Omega Chi Mu 2000
Alpha Delta Pi Theta Iota 2009 (41)
Alpha Xi Delta Iota Tau 2013

California University of Pennsylvania
California, PA
Campus Total=
Delta Zeta Zeta Epsilon 1958
Sigma Kappa Gamma Upsilon 1959
Sigma Sigma Sigma Gamma Gamma 1960-1991
Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Xi 1961-1978
Alpha Xi Delta Delta Eta 1963-1981

Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Phi 1983
Theta Phi Alpha Alpha Sigma 1985-2004
Phi Sigma Sigma Epsilon Tau 1990
Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Upsilon 1990
Delta Phi Epsilon Beta Delta 1997-?

Carlow University
Pittsburgh, PA

**Open for New Greek System**

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Campus Total=75 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=22
Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Nu 1943-1971
Delta Gamma Beta Nu 1944
Delta Delta Delta Alpha Tau 1944
Kappa Alpha Theta Gamma Theta 1944
Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Xi 1944
Chi Omega Omicron Delta 1944-1992
Sigma Kappa Beta Iota 1945-1967

Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Nu 2006
Alpha Phi Iota Sigma 2013

Clarion University
Clarion, PA
Campus Total=50
Quota Last Year=4?
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Zeta 1932-1956 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Pi 1935
Delta Zeta Epsilon Theta 1956
Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Iota 1960
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Omicron 1966-2015
Alpha Sigma Alpha Gamma Omicron 1967-?
Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Beta 1970-1985

Phi Sigma Sigma Gamma Gamma 1971
Delta Phi Epsilon Epsilon Omicron 1987
Theta Phi Alpha Beta Kappa 1990-?

Dickinson College
Carlisle, PA
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=
Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania Gamma 1903
Chi Omega Delta 1907-1971
Phi Mu Beta Delta 1919-1967
Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Beta 1924-1967
Delta Zeta Iota Beta 1966-1981

Kappa Kappa Gamma Epsilon Omega 1979
Gamma Phi Beta Delta Rho 1980-1987
Kappa Alpha Theta Epsilon Lambda 1982
Delta Delta Delta Gamma Epsilon 1986-2002

Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=21?
Alpha Sigma Alpha Nu Nu 1925
Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Delta 1926-1974/2012
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Beta 1928-1956 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Theta Sigma Upsilon 1944-1953

Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Epsilon 1947-1951/2003
Phi Mu Beta Tau 1954
Delta Zeta Epsilon Zeta 1956
Phi Sigma Sigma Beta Rho 1961
Delta Gamma Eta Upsilon 2015

Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA
Campus Total=89
Quota Last Year=31
Delta Zeta 1969
Alpha Phi Epsilon Iota 1970 [
Zeta Tau Alpha Eta Beta 1970
Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omega 1971
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Delta 1971
Sigma Sigma Sigma Zeta Sigma 1994-2000
Gamma Phi Beta Zeta Epsilon 1995
Sigma Kappa Kappa Mu 2006
Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Mu 2014

East Stroudsburg University
East Stroudsburg, PA
Campus Total=45
Quota Last Year=
Alpha Sigma Alpha Gamma Rho 1968-2007
Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Beta 1969
Phi Sigma Sigma Gamma Omega 1981-?
Delta Phi Epsilon Epsilon Beta 1984-1998
Sigma Sigma Sigma Epsilon Eta 1986
Alpha Sigma Tau Delta Zeta 1995

Edinboro University
Edinboro, PA
Campus Total=36 (Fall 2018)
Quota Last Year=4
Theta Sigma Upsilon Psi 1952-1959 National merger with Alpha Gamma Delta
Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Tau 1959
Delta Zeta Iota Delta 1965
Sigma Sigma Sigma Gamma Rho 1967-1976/1992
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Tau 1968
Alpha Sigma Alpha Gamma Psi 1969
Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Epsilon 1970-1982
Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Upsilon 1970
Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Iota 1971-1982

Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster, PA
Campus Total=105
Quota Last year=14?
Sigma Sigma Sigma Delta Nu 1978-2005
Alpha Phi Zeta Sigma 1982-2003/2007
Chi Omega Phi Lambda 1987
Kappa Delta Eta Lambda 2008
Alpha Delta Pi Theta Lambda 2011
Alpha Xi Delta Iota Psi 2014
Phi Mu Colony Spring 2018

Gannon University
Erie, PA
Campus Total=45
Quota Last Year=20?
Theta Phi Alpha Alpha Lambda 1970-1972
Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Gamma 1976
Sigma Sigma Sigma Epsilon Delta 1985
Alpha Sigma Alpha Zeta Gamma 1993
Alpha Sigma Tau Delta Alpha 1993
Phi Sigma Sigma Theta Gamma 1993

Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, PA
Campus Total=77 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=24
Chi Omega Tau Delta 1937
Delta Gamma Beta Lambda 1939
Phi Mu Beta Pi 1945-1970
Alpha Xi Delta Beta Chi 1949-1999
Sigma Kappa Gamma Nu 1956-1990

Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Beta 1959
Alpha Delta Pi Delta Rho 1961 (24)
Sigma Sigma Sigma Delta Omicron 1979-1990/2003
Alpha Omicron Pi Beta Eta 2015 (28)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA
Campus Total=47
Quota Last Year=6
Pi Kappa Sigma Zeta 1909-1918/1930-1959 National merged with Sigma Kappa
Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Gamma 1914-1919/1928
Sigma Sigma Sigma Lambda 1915-1919/1928
Alpha Sigma Tau Delta 1916
Delta Sigma Epsilon Beta 1916-1956 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Theta Sigma Upsilon Pi 1935-1959 National merger with Alpha Gamma Delta
Phi Mu Beta Sigma 1950-1997

Zeta Tau Alpha Gamma Xi 1951
Delta Zeta Gamma Phi 1952
Sigma Kappa Gamma Epsilon 1952
Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Sigma 1959
Alpha Xi Delta Delta Nu 1963
Alpha Phi Delta Phi 1965-1988
Alpha Delta Pi Epsilon Iota 1966-1975/1977-1978
Alpha Omicron Pi Gamma Beta 1966-1992

Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Gamma 1968-1974/1989
Kappa Delta Delta Nu 1968-?
Phi Sigma Sigma Gamma Alpha 1969-?
Delta Gamma Epsilon Eta 1981
Theta Phi Alpha Alpha Upsilon 1986
Beta Sigma Omicron ?-1965 (Released in National merger with ZTA, absorbed by Alpha Phi)

Kutztown University
Kutztown, PA
Campus Total=
Quota last year=14?
Delta Zeta Kappa Rho 1972
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Lambda 1990
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Omicron 1992
Theta Phi Alpha Gamma Gamma 1998
Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Psi 2006
Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Xi
Delta Phi Epsilon Zeta Gamma 2015

Lafayette College
Easton, PA
Campus Total=75
Quota last year=
Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta Beta 1980
Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania Eta 1980
Sigma Kappa Zeta Rho 1980-1989
Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Theta 1981
Delta Gamma Epsilon Xi 1982
Alpha Phi Eta Sigma 1989
Delta Delta Delta Gamma Mu 1992 (10)

LaSalle University
Philadelphia, PA
Campus Total=65?
Quota Last Year=18
Gamma Phi Beta Epsilon Alpha 1983
Delta Phi Epsilon Epsilon Zeta 1985
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Omega 1993
Phi Mu Phi Omicron 2015

Lebanon Valley College
Annville, PA
Campus Total=
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Tau 1992
Phi Sigma Sigma Theta Tau 1997

Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA
Campus Total=80
Quota last year=23
Alpha Phi Epsilon Psi 1975
Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Beta 1976
Gamma Phi Beta Delta Kappa 1976
Delta Gamma Epsilon Lambda 1982-2013
Alpha Omicron Pi Lambda Upsilon 1984
Kappa Alpha Theta Epsilon Rho 1984
Alpha Chi Omega Theta Chi 1989-2018
Delta Zeta Xi Pi 1989-1999
Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania Kappa 1997
Chi Omega Phi Mu 2000-2005
Zeta Tau Alpha Lambda Zeta 2011
Kappa Delta Theta Zeta 2013

Lock Haven University
Lock Haven PA
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=
Alpha Sigma Tau Zeta 1921
Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Rho 1935
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Nu 1935-1959 National absorbed by Sigma Kappa
Sigma Kappa Delta Pi 1959
Delta Zeta Theta Chi 1963-1977
Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Nu 1968

Lycoming College
Williamsport, PA
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Pi 1991
Alpha Xi Delta Iota Mu 2005

Mansfield University
Mansfield, PA
Campus Total=
Quota last year=
Delta Zeta Iota Theta 1922
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Xi 1965
Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Epsilon 1970
Zeta Tau Alpha Eta Epsilon 1971

Marywood University
Scranton, PA
Theta Phi Alpha Colony TBA

Millersville University
Millersville, PA
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=10?
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Iota 1976
Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa 1987
Delta Zeta Xi Tau 1988
Phi Sigma Sigma Epsilon Gamma 1988-?
Delta Phi Epsilon Epsilon Psi 1989-?
Alpha Xi Delta Theta Alpha 1990
Theta Phi Alpha Beta Phi 1993-2003

Moravian College
Bethlehem, PA
Spring Quota=
Campus Total=
Spring Quota Last Year=25?
Alpha Sigma Tau Delta Theta 1997
Zeta Tau Alpha Kappa Iota 1997
Alpha Sigma Alpha Zeta Nu 1997
Sigma Sigma Sigma Eta Lambda 2001

Muhlenberg College
Allentown, PA
Campus Total=68 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=20
Alpha Chi Omega Zeta Chi 1984
Delta Zeta Xi Iota 1984
Phi Sigma Sigma Delta Lambda 1984-2005/2005
Phi Mu Phi Kappa 1992

Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA
Campus Total= 203 (Fall 2015)
Quota Last Year=58
Chi Omega Nu Gamma 1926-2014
Alpha Omicron Pi Epsilon Alpha 1929-1973/1982
Theta Phi Alpha Rho 1929-1969
Phi Mu Beta Mu 1929-?/?-2018
Delta Gamma Alpha Chi 1930
Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta Alpha 1930
Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Phi 1931
Alpha Chi Omega Beta Mu 1932 Suspended until 2021
Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Upsilon 1932
Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Zeta 1937-1978
Zeta Tau Alpha Gamma Epsilon 1939
Kappa Delta Beta Theta 1939
Alpha Xi Delta Beta Lambda 1942
Sigma Delta Tau Phi 1943-1971/1978
Delta Zeta Gamma Delta 1946
Phi Sigma Sigma Beta Eta 1946-1970/2015
Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Mu 1947-2000
Delta Delta Delta Alpha Phi 1947-2009
Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania Epsilon 1953
Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Upsilon 1954-1969/1989-1992/1994-2013/2019
Alpha Delta Pi Delta Kappa 1958-1975/1991
Alpha Phi Gamma Rho 1958
Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Pi 1960-1966/2016
Iota Alpha Pi Beta Alpha 1962-?
Alpha Sigma Alpha Gamma Eta 1962 Suspended until 2022
Sigma Kappa Theta Psi 1992

Pennsylvania State University - Altoona
Altoona, PA
Campus Total=
Gamma Phi Beta Zeta Pi 2003-2018
Alpha Sigma Tau Delta Omega 2006

Pennsylvania State University - Erie (The Behrend College)
Erie, PA
Campus Total=40
Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Theta 1987
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Theta 1989
Delta Phi Epsilon Beta Kappa 1992-?
Theta Phi Alpha Gamma Alpha 1994

Philadelphia University
(Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science)
Philadelphia, PA
Delta Zeta Iota Sigma 1967-1971
Delta Phi Epsilon Epsilon Phi 1989
Theta Phi Alpha Gamma Psi 2012

Robert Morris University
Pittsburgh, PA
Campus Total=64 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=13
Phi Mu Beta Omega 1972-1974
Zeta Tau Alpha Iota Alpha 1980
Delta Zeta Xi Chi 1981
Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Upsilon 1982-?/2012
Theta Phi Alpha Alpha Rho 1985-1993
Sigma Kappa Lambda Gamma 2014

Saint Francis University
Loretto, PA
Campus Total=
Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Sigma 1990
Theta Phi Alpha Beta Theta 1990-2004/2010

Saint Joseph's University
Newton Square, PA
Campus Total=156 (Revised Spring 2015)
Quota Last Year=41
Sigma Sigma Sigma Delta Psi 1983
Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Pi 1987
Alpha Phi Theta Theta 1991
Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Beta 2005
Phi Sigma Sigma Iota Rho 2013

Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA
Campus Total=40
Quota last year=6
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Epsilon 1971
Delta Zeta Kappa Psi 1972
Alpha Omicron Pi Tau Lambda 1984
Phi Sigma Sigma Delta Chi 1987
Alpha Phi Theta Xi 1992
Theta Phi Alpha Gamma Theta 2005-2012

Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, PA
Campus Total=55 (Fall 2018)
Quota Last Year=13
Sigma Sigma Sigma Gamma Zeta 1961
Alpha Xi Delta Delta Kappa 1963-1981/1987
Delta Zeta Zeta Phi 1963
Kappa Delta Gamma Omega 1963-1999
Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Rho 1966
Alpha Sigma Alpha Gamma Xi 1966-1997
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Pi 1966
Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Eta 1966-1982
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Nu 1991

Susquehanna University
Selinsgrove, PA
Campus Total=55
Quota Last Year=
Kappa Delta Beta Upsilon 1950
Alpha Delta Pi Gamma Omicron 1950
Alpha Xi Delta Gamma Kappa 1957-1983
Sigma Kappa Epsilon Delta 1964
Zeta Tau Alpha Iota Nu 1985

Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, PA
Total=44 (Spring 2016)
Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Beta 1891-1934/2013
Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania Alpha 1892-1934
Kappa Kappa Gamma Beta Iota 1893-1934
Delta Gamma Alpha Beta 1912-1934
Phi Mu Beta Epsilon 1919-1934
Chi Omega Gamma Alpha 1919-1932
Delta Zeta Beta Eta 1930-1934

Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
Campus Total=
Quota last year=
Alpha Sigma Tau Epsilon (Old) 1919-1926/Lambda (New) 1928-1960
Delta Sigma Epsilon Kappa 1921-1956 National absorbed by Delta Zeta

Alpha Sigma Alpha Kappa Kappa 1922-?
Theta Sigma Upsilon Gamma 1924-1959 National merger with Alpha Gamma Delta

Phi Sigma Sigma Xi 1926
Theta Upsilon Delta Alpha 1933-1962 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Iota Alpha Pi Sigma 1946-1971

Delta Zeta Delta Tau 1956-?/1988
Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Rho 1959-1979
Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Nu 1959-1992/2009
Alpha Epsilon Phi Phi Theta 1984
Alpha Xi Delta Iota Chi 2014
Delta Delta Delta Epsilon Phi 019

Thiel College
Greenville, PA
Campus Total=23 (Fall 2018)
Quota Last Year=5
Chi Omega Beta Delta 1950
Sigma Kappa Gamma Delta 1952
Alpha Xi Delta Gamma Sigma 1959
Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Chi 1961-1994
Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Beta 1964

University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Campus Total=138
Quota last year=
Kappa Kappa Gamma Beta Alpha 1890-1977
Delta Delta Delta Psi 1904
Alpha Epsilon Phi Theta 1917-1931/1959-1970
Alpha Omicron Pi Psi 1918-1958

Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Beta 1918-1954/2011
Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Epsilon 1919-1969/1989-2015
Kappa Alpha Theta Beta Eta 1919-1970/1988
Chi Omega Beta Alpha 1919
Sigma Delta Tau Beta 1920
Kappa Delta Sigma Theta 1921-1994
Delta Phi Epsilon Nu 1926-1970

Phi Sigma Sigma Nu 1926-2002/2004-2010
Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Phi 1927-1966
Delta Zeta Beta Epsilon 1928-1934
Delta Gamma Beta Phi 1946-1958

Alpha Phi Eta Iota 1988
Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania Iota 1992-2000
Sigma Kappa Kappa Iota 2002
Alpha Delta Pi Theta Tau 2014

University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA
Campus Total=117 (Spring 2017)
Quota last year=
Zeta Tau Alpha Chi 1915-1965
Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Omega 1915-1987/1988-1999

Delta Delta Delta Alpha Theta 1916
Delta Zeta Omicron 1916
Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Alpha 1918-1935
Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania Delta 1918-1931

Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma Epsilon 1919
Chi Omega Phi Beta 1919
Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Iota 1920-1942/1946
Alpha Epsilon Phi Nu 1920
Kappa Delta Xi 1920-1933/1979
Phi Mu Beta Theta 1920-1961
Delta Phi Epsilon Eta 1922-1944/1966
Theta Phi Alpha Kappa 1922
Beta Phi Alpha Eta 1924-1941 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Phi Sigma Sigma Iota 1924-1974

Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Theta 1949-1964/1977
Sigma Delta Tau Alpha Zeta 1950-2016

University of Pittsburgh - Bradford
Bradford, PA
***Open for Extension***

University of Pittsburgh - Johnstown
Johnstown, PA
Campus Total=
**Open for Extension**
Delta Zeta Lambda Epsilon 1972-2001
Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Kappa 1973-1979

Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Kappa 1982-2015
Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lambda 1987-2015
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Kappa 1991

University of the Sciences
Philadelphia, PA
Campus Total=
Delta Phi Epsilon Beta Beta 1992
Alpha Sigma Tau Delta Sigma 2000

Ursinus College
Collegeville, PA
Sigma Sigma Sigma Eta Xi 2002

Villanova University
Villanova, PA
Campus Total=94
Quota last year=
Alpha Xi Delta Epsilon Chi 1969-1977
Delta Delta Delta Gamma Beta 1982
Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta Iota 1982
Alpha Chi Omega Zeta Tau 1983
Kappa Alpha Theta Epsilon Xi 1983-1994
Alpha Omicron Pi Beta Delta 1985-1992

Delta Gamma Zeta Alpha 1986
Alpha Phi Eta Epsilon 1987
Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania Theta 1990-2018
Chi Omega Iota Lambda 1991
Alpha Delta Pi Eta Chi 1995-2010
Kappa Delta Eta Theta 2004
Alpha Gamma Delta Lambda Gamma 2013

Washington and Jefferson College
Washington, PA
Campus Total=77
Quota Last Year=15?
Delta Gamma Epsilon Delta 1979
Pi Beta Phi Pennsylvania Zeta 1979
Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta Lambda 1984
Kappa Alpha Theta Epsilon Omega 1988

Waynesburg College
Waynesburg, PA

Pi Kappa Sigma 1956-1959 National absorbed by Sigma Kappa
Alpha Delta Pi Delta Iota 1958-1996
Sigma Kappa Delta Omega 1959-1998
Phi Sigma Sigma Gamma Epsilon 1972-?
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Nu 1991-1999

West Chester University
West Chester, PA
Campus Total=121 (Fall 2017)
Quota last year=
Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Gamma 1969-1973/2015
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Phi 1969
Delta Zeta Iota Rho 1969
Sigma Delta Tau Beta Lambda 1969-1970
Alpha Omicron Pi Theta Kappa 1970-1974

Zeta Tau Alpha Eta Gamma 1970
Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Eta 1971
Alpha Phi Epsilon Kappa 1971
Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Alpha 1989
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Gamma 1990
Phi Mu Phi Lambda 2000-2016
Alpha Delta Pi Theta Sigma 2013
Kappa Delta Theta Omicron 2016

Westminster College
New Wilmington, PA
Campus Total=66 (Spring 2015)
Quota Last Year=
Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Epsilon 1925
Chi Omega Omicron Gamma 1925-1987
Sigma Kappa Alpha Sigma 1926
Theta Upsilon Upsilon 1931-1962 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Kappa Delta Alpha Phi 1931
Beta Phi Alpha Alpha Epsilon 1934-1937
Phi Mu Beta Upsilon 1961-1972/1990
Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Omega 1964

Widener University
Chester, PA
Campus Total=50
Quota Last Year=20?
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Beta 1970-1980
Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Pi 1977 (18?)
Phi Sigma Sigma Gamma Xi 1978 (21)
Sigma Sigma Sigma Delta Upsilon 1982 (20)
Phi Mu Phi Epsilon 1989-1998

York College
York, PA
Campus Total=50
Quota Last Year=23?
Pi Beta Phi No Chapter Designation 1884-1888
Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Omicron 1975-?

Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Lambda 1989
Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Iota 1990-2017
Phi Sigma Sigma Epsilon Rho 1990
Sigma Delta Tau Gamma Phi 1991
Phi Mu Phi Eta 1991
Theta Phi Alpha Gamma Sigma 2009-2015
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