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Back in the dark ages before computers when I was and active in the sorority that had the highest active and pledge GPA on campus - I was surprised to learn that more than half of the girls going through rush did not meet our academic standards. They could not be pledged.

And there was another sorority on campus that had similar standards. So half of the girls were not eligible for 2 of the 6 sororities on campus.

Our minimum GPA fluctuated each rush - but it was brutal. The year I pledged was the last year they had SR - or "scholarship risk" spots. Where you were allowed to take a few girls one or two 1/10 of a point below (2.5 if the threshold was 2.7) the GPA threshold. They stopped the practice because too much focus was debating which few girls will get those spots - while attention was not on academically strong "top rushees." Also at least half of the SR for the last two pledge classes where SRs were present - failed to make their grades and were immediately on academic probation. Sad for individual girls who were close to our GPA cutoff - but simpler and arguably better for the chapter in the long run.

Because we had such a HUGE academic cut - we had to space it out over two invitational rounds.(But the majority was the first round) Otherwise our first round of invitational parties had the potential to look like a ghost town.

My sophomore year - I had a room-mate going through rush that did not have our grades. She knew that she probably wasn't even close. It sucked because she would have been an awesome addition. I made the decision that they cut her after the first round - she had a great reference so she would have been carried to the second round as a "courtesy" to the alum that wrote the reference. But I knew she wanted to be cut if she was not at are threshold.
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