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The "Computer Glitch" Myth and Recruitment

Every year I either see it on FB or here on GC.

"The computer system glitched and they lost my name."

"I got cut from Kappa because my best friend said there was a computer glitch."

"I would have been a Chi O but the computer system read my choices wrong."

Honey. Listen. I have worked with ICS/CampusDirector and several other systems in varying capacities since 2010.

The systems do not glitch up and cut PNMs. They do not make mistakes and randomly cut everyone with a certain last name. They do not randomly put the wrong girl on another chapter's bid list. They do not.

It's not like it is 2004 and we are all transitioning from paper systems, the software is new, the RFM is new, and no one knows what they're doing.

If someone tells you that your release was the result of a computer glitch or error:

*They are lying because they do not want to hurt your feelings.
*They must not know how recruitment management software works.

In the rare rare rare event that there is a human error in listing or input, you better believe the chapters move to rectify it quickly. Ex: If there are 2 Sarah Smiths, and you put the wrong Sarah on your list, you better believe they are going to get the correct Sarah on their list ASAP. Wanted Sarah Thomas back Day 2 but could not find her in the system because it is actually SARA Thomas? As soon as they figure it out, they're letting the SRC know so they can get her to that party.

But chapters do not accidentally lose bids or have computer errors. Everything is checked, checked, and checked again a million times to get the right girl at the correct parties to which she has been invited.

That's all. Thanks!

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