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Originally Posted by ohsunny View Post
How soon is too soon to start looking for recommendations? Five out of the eleven chapters at the school I plan on attending, I have no connections with any alumnae. Would it be rude to ask my teachers and staff at my school if they know any sorority members or alumnae?
What I know about recs is almost entirely from Greek Chat. I have no personal experience with recs, so any GCers who are more familiar with recs, make any corrections.

Really, there is no such thing as too soon to ask around and find sorority alumnae. No, it's not rude. Sorority alumnae will want to help you out! You already have a good start if you know alumnae from 6 sororities. You don't need to ask them for a recommendation until you know for sure where you will be going. The more alumnae who know you personally, the better, so use now until April (or whenever you get that acceptance letter) of your senior year to simply find alumnae (and look for ones that may be at other schools you are applying to, just in case). April (or whenever you get the acceptance letter) is when I would ask alumnae to actually write the recs.

FSUZeta gave a good list of women to ask. I'd also ask your sisters' friends and friends' sisters, women from your job, female sponsors of activities, etc as well. And, don't forget men! If you know of any men in fraternities, they may know of sorority alumnae in your community. Also, some, but not all NPCs allow collegiate members from other chapters to write recs, so if you have friends in sororities at other schools, they may be able to write you a rec.

Many alumnae Panhellenics have deadlines for rec requests, and chapters may also want them well ahead of recruitment. They'll have less time to read them if you get a rec in the day before recruitment starts. Peruse the APH website/call/email the APH president for any deadlines, and note if any chapters have specific deadlines for recs on their websites. Request recs through APH only once you have exhausted your personal contacts. If you have at least 1 quality (ie alumna knows you very well) rec from XYZ, you don't need to ask the XYZs from APH for one.
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