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Originally Posted by GoDawgs! View Post
I am going to be a sophmore at UGA this upcoming year, and have been debating whether or not to rush. I know that UGA sororities are tough to get into, but I was wondering if it would be recommended that I rush in the fall or in the spring, and what do my chances of getting a bid looke like?
If you start your own thread or search, I think you'll see that there are better ways to get answers to this question. Personally, I can't ever get good on-topic search results, but if you start a thread links to similar threads will be listed at the bottom of your page.

Only a few of the groups participate in spring rush, so you probably need to focus on going through in the fall.

It's harder to get a bid as a sophomore, but girls do every year. Not all groups are really open to sophomores but a good number are, and if you are otherwise a good candidate for greek life, your sophomore class standing won't count you out.

It's hard to know what your chances are, especially without knowing you personally and knowing about your GPA and campus involvement.

I wish you good luck and I hope you have a successful experience.
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