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Originally Posted by k2hh View Post
As an active alumna that works with collegiate Alpha Phi chapters, I can assure you that these practices DO NOT occur at all schools! It is not a "systemic-wide" strategy, and many, many, many on-sight local volunteers and the collegians they work with would cringe and rebel if even a scintilla of what is described in this document was implemented.
I am not a sister of Alpha Phi, but I am familiar with the chapter on my small university's campus. I am quite sure that chapter hasn't embraced a strictly "appearance-based" recruitment process. There are only four NPC groups on campus, and a limited pool of women going through formal recruitment each year (quota this year was 15). Focusing on only the prettiest girls would be a recipe for not making quota, as there are two other NPC groups on campus who have long competed for a lot of the traditionally pretty/hot women. The Phis typically recruit a balanced and diverse pledge class each year, and they do a good job of it as they always make quota, and usually have quota additions every year.

Contrast that with the Alpha Phi chapter at the large state university just 45 minutes away, where many of the practices outlined in the Michigan document seem to be in full effect (and have been called out by many on campus). So perhaps this isn't an across-the-board recruitment policy on the part of the Fraternity, but rather something that's been put into practice at universities with large chapters, and highly-competitive Greek systems? The ones where too many people geek out over tiers, rankings, and Instagram pages?