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Originally Posted by ChioLu View Post
You can vote for America's choice of the contestants for Miss America here:

The Miss America pageant is September 10th on ABC.
I really enjoy viewing the Miss America pageant, but believe they erred this year by allowing people to vote for America's Choice Contestant without the opportunity to watch brief interviews of each contestant on youtube (as available in years past) before deciding which contestant received a vote. Now the winner with the most votes will simply be a state with a large population, a super-good-looking contestant, a popular platform, a big contingent of Miss America fans (looking at the southern states here), or Miss Texas/Miss Louisiana due to Harvey flooding sympathy votes (although TX/LO tend to be in the top without being voted-in). In previous recent years it was fun guessing who would win based on how well they spoke and acted in their individual video. Guess those have gone the way of some recruitment videos?
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