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Originally Posted by FSUZeta View Post
Provocative? Not hardly. Just telling you what worked successfully, was very impressive, and had the attention/jealousy of the other sororities.

Do you have any ideas of your own? We might yea or nay them, if you are willing to share.
We are definitely going to do serenades ( even though they are not big at my uni) once we have established some ground with the sororities. My chapter decided this after I discussed it with other chapters in different schools to see if it may be a little too early to do serenades if we have little to no connection with the sororities. Last semester, we went to two different sorority houses with about 6-7 guys to introduce ourselves during a chapter meeting and while it seemed to go smoothly it was not very personal and awkward in some sense. To make it more personal, I thought a couple of well dressed pledges/actives with flowers and a card go to the respective sorority and just chat with whoever is in the house at that time and exchange contact information.
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