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I know this is slightly off topic, but I remember my mom telling me a story about a DAR meeting she attended, she brought along my younger sister due to her being back from school. I remember her saying she introduced my sister, and informed her DAR ladies that my younger sister had just proudly accepted her bid to Gamma Phi Beta. My mom mentioned that the older members in the chapter were shocked, not due to what organization she joined, but due to the fact that she ignored her legacy to Sigma Kappa, and to Chi Omega, which is my grandma's organization. They kept asking my mom why she would allow us to join different organizations. My mom is pretty blunt and told them that this way she has daughters (and a mother) who were in different but wonderful organizations and that our children would be legacies to more chapters!! I think that this mentality still exists, it is changing, but change can be slow. Best of luck to your daughter, it only takes one new member class to be the change that a chapter needs!!

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