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Originally Posted by JLCo View Post
That is pretty much what I thought from the little that I have seen on this site today. I am not sure she is really interested enough to do all that work that is required for the SEC school sororities. Networking would be especially challenging because of the distance we are from these schools. So it looks like perhaps she can seek out other activities such as those offered through the honors programs/ dorms, dance team, and or performance related activities associated with a dance minor. Although I think she might just do a little research and then try to wing it at rush time. If she is not willing to put alot into it I think it is safe to say she probably would not be overly disappointed if she didn't get in. However it is good to have this info and it will, I am sure, help narrow down the college choices.
Pointless. It doesn't matter who you are, you're not getting a bid without preparing. That means securing recs beforehand. You do not "wing" rush at an SEC school.
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