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Originally Posted by JLCo View Post
No. I am not being elitist. I am being honest in my assessment and realize that she needs growth in this area.
I salute you. Those are tough words for a mom to say. I'm a mom too, and it's hard, isn't it? I didn't mean my words to be harsh and I apologise if they were a bit short.

Sorority life is very fulfilling, but it is very time consuming, if you are going to do it right and reap the benefits. I hope you will encourage her to explore and consider her options. Most of us on this board wouldn't trade our experiences in our sororities and fraternities for anything. But if we are honest, most of us will say there were trying and difficult times, too. And trying and difficult people. It's great life preparation!

I wish you and her the best, and thanks for hanging in for a tough conversation.

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