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Originally Posted by dodgerfan31 View Post
I just graduated high school and am about to enter my first year of commuity college. since i took ap classes in high school, ive already finished one year and only need to spend this year at a cc to transfer to a Cal, UCLA, UCSB, or UCI. i plan on double majoring though, so i probably will spend 3 years at a uc after cc. because i will have only done 1 year of college, and i plan on doing 3 more years, do i count as a sophomore when i rush? Also idk if this matters but im pretty young for my grade, i will have just turned 19 when entering a uc school. my cousin told me that i'd definitely be included with sophomores but im still kinda nervous because i know if im counted as a junior that their chances are much slimmer of getting a bid.
I'll certainly give way to anyone from the UC schools, but I'll give it a try.
1) What gender are you? The Sorority rush rules and the Fraternity rush rules are different. (and if you are interested in Divine 9 (NPHC), as far as I know Sophmore vs. Junior matters even less)
2) I'd be surprised if the rules are completely the same across the entire UC system. They certainly aren't across the University of Maryland system.
As such, some of the information may need to be checked at the individual UC school web page.
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