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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 3 down, 2 purchased, 5 more to go...

Originally posted by Gina1201
OMG, I lived for the summer reading programs!!
Yes, I was and still am a nerd! I read so many books one summer that the librarian knew me on a first name basis. That was also the summer I won a bike for reading the most books.

ETA: Tomorrow I will pick up Omar Tyree's new novel "Diary of A Groupie". For some reason, I keep buying his books although I have not liked the last 3.


Why was the bike not new? I was so heated because I just KNEW I was going to have a new 10 speed bike. I wish y'all could've seen this bike. The bike frame was bent, one tire was almost flat, and the bike was RUSTY!! To make it worse when we picked it up it was with my grandparents car. I thought I was going to ride the bike home. NOT!! So, my grandfather ended up riding the bike to his house, which at that time was the funniest thing to me

100 books? In one summer? Wow! That's like close to 10 books per week!

I could probably muster about 5 100-200 pagers per week in elementary/middle school...but 10 sounds extraordinary.

Did you speed read these books?
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