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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
That's wrong to hogtie the chapters by not allowing them all to do the same thing and call it any sort of organized effort. With truly open COB, not coordinated in any way by Panhel, it's up to the chapters how they want to rush. If ABC wants to have huge open houses and skits to fill 3 spots, they can. If XYZ wants to fill the 20 spots they have with the 20 girls on the softball team without throwing a single party, with just walking over to practice and giving the girls the bids, they can.

But if Panhellenic is coordinating an effort, there should be AT LEAST one night where ALL the rushees meet ALL the chapters, regardless of their current size. To do otherwise isn't very Panhellenic.
Agree 100%

Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
Frankly, I'm not a fan of Phirred Up in the first place. It was designed for the mens' groups and I don't think they've gotten the hang of the womens' groups.
I've actually seen it work for highly competitive chapters/schools. It would take forever to explain here, but they do cater to those environments and they alter their generic rules and lessons for such a group.

Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
I agree. Yes, get rid of the ridiculous silence restrictions ...
Ironically, if just this was done, a program like Phired Up could help immensely. It's not just about COB, but rather, they encourage "real" connections and relationships outside of a quick 20 minute conversation at a recruitment party.
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