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Originally posted by LynnCat2000
I am currently an undergrad, but I am looking into AI for when I get to grad school...Any suggestions?

Welcome to GC!

I think I can help with this one as I tried to start my search as an undergrad. First off, each sorority sets it's own policy - you would have to check directly with the groups you're interested in. However, the general theme is that AI is for people who are not currently eligible for NPC membership. That includes being an undergraduate.

Therefore, you are not likely to be eligible for AI until you graduate. There is not really anything you can do right now other then review the websites of the sororities which offer AI and see which ones interest you and then just sit tight.

If you contact the ones you're interested in now, you'll probably only be told that you're not eligible and to please contact them again after you've graduated. I wouldn't recommend contacting the local alumnae association of the organization you're interested in to try and get a "head start" because they'd only be confused about what you're doing. I suppose an exception would be if you happen to have a good friend or relative in the alumnae association who would like to take you to events. Otherwise, the associations sometime have a hard time grasping the concept of alumna initiation let alone why an unaffiliated undergraduate wants to participate.

I hope that doesn't sound too disappointing. I don't mean it to's just the way things go. How much longer do you have until you graduate?

The other question I have is whether or not you have particpated in sorority recruitment at your college.

Please start a new thread for yourself in this forum so that we can follow along with you and give you tailored advice. Every AI deserves to have her own thread!

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