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Thanks for the tips. A successful interview will lead to a bid and the pledge period starts immediately after that. I was told that if I'm offered a bid, I will be asked to accept or decline within an hour or so after the interview. If I accept, I would stay at the frat house for a bid ceremony and the start of the pledge period.

I don't mean to be pretentious, but I expect to pass the interview and be offered a bid, as the fraternity only had five potential pledges attend rush events. I think that only three of the five will actually go ahead with the interviews. The frat has 40 active members.

So, I guess that neat, business attire is acceptable for the interview stage, as well as a general level of respect. I asked one of the brothers whether I would have to address them as "sir" once I become a pledge. He just smiled and said sarcastically: "what do you think?"

TSteven: what do you mean by an "intake process" vs. IFC bidding?

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