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We always do a thing called "big/little rap", where the bigs and littles all sit around and talk. You go around the room and say stuff about yourself so everyone can get a feel for everyone else. After the rap, everyone gets an index card to fill out, and you write your top three choices (NMs for your big, sisters for your little). The NME sits with the cards and matches up the bigs and littles based on the cards. It's a little time consuming, but it detracts from the "That's going to be MY MINE!". It also allows for each party to have a hand in deciding their match. The next night we have our ribboning ceremony, and it's then that the NMs find out who their big is. After that, it's important to let the bigs and littles hang out together. We do a thing called big/little getaway where one night the bigs and littles get to go out together, whether it be to a movie, bowling, dinner and hang out one on one. I know when I was a NM, my big had me over to her apartment and cooked me dinner, and then we went out to play mini golf. It was fun! I did the same for my little.
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