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During the second week of our pledge period we ask the new girls to write down 3-4 names of people that they would like as their big sister. They cannot write down somebody that they know really well or were friends with previous to joining the sorority. This is because we want them to get to know NEW people.

The pledge moms then take a list of the active members who are eligible (caught up on dues, community service, etc.) for little sisters and they match them up. Usually it works out well...

So far I've had three little sisters (one in 1997, one in 1998, and one in 2000). I would have had four but she depledged in 1999 due to a person problem with her parents

In the past we have had to double up on little sisters because there was more pledges than active members. I think this has only happened twice. The first time was when our sorority was started they got a pledge class of 20 so a lot of girls had two little sisters and the second time was when we were down to 10 members and we had a pledge class of 16.

Just make sure to give all eligible members a little before giving someone two littles.

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