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I never felt that I was hazed. We were always treated respectfully, never demeaned, nor did I ever see any older sister haze anyone. There were never any alcohol-related demands/challenges, etc.

I think several of the things we had to do as a pledge class would now be considered hazing, because they were only required of pledges, or were just unwise. We had to complete an activity from each of our creed categories of Love, Labor, Learning, and Loyalty. We could choose from a recommended list. For Labor, I remember that we polished the silver one Saturday afternoon (as a chapter founded in 1882, we had a lot of silver!). For Loyalty, we did something as a pledge class that would promote bonding, so we tried to "steal" a composite from a fraternity (that was a Michigan tradition...if you can make off with a fraternity's composite, you call and tell them and they have to come serenade the sorority to get it back. If you get caught, the traditional punishment was getting thrown in the shower -- fully clothed, of course. That happened to me at Psi U...we were on our way out the front door when we got caught. This was not just for pledges -- this was popular for anyone.). I'm sure that would be considered hazing or inappropriate/unsafe for anyone now, because people were sneaking around like burglars.
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