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I can understand why some of you think that I am super clingy, and maybe I am.
I just worry that I don't do enough for her, but maybe I just do too much.

But then again, maybe I should trust myself a little more too.
I don't want to burn any bridges with anyone here, I just want to know what it takes for my own sanity, so I don't go crazy.

I am not stereotyping at all by the way, I am just going by what I have noticed lately, and talking to other friends who have been in the exact situation as I have been before.
Plus, it is a little lonely when 75% of your undergrad friends have graduated as well.

I can see I guess where I am clingy, but I know some people that can be much more clingy with their significant other, I live with a guy right now that does just that with his significant other.
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