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Based on your spelling, grades might be a reason.

Did you have letters of recommendation?

Also, saying you love shopping at Prada with daddy's money may come off a bit snobbish.

If you've only been through Day 1, it's really hard to get a sense of an entire sorority, with chapters as large as UNC. Your opinions may change through the process and you may find other girls you like and have better conversations with. Plus, it's not always love at first sight, sometimes it takes time to fall in love with a group, which happens when you start learning about the history and traditions. You've called out tiers several times, so, even though you may say you don't care, you come off as you do, which you probably are not as good at hiding as you think you are. The houses that have invited you back want to know more about you. You should be grateful and take that opportunity at every house to show them that you want to be there, whether they're "bottom tier" or not.

We can't tell you why you're getting dropped, there's a myriad of possibilities. What we can tell you is to make the most of the chapters that are inviting you back. It only takes one.

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