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Kelly, not to worry, yes, there are mistakes made by some Fakers and We as trusting people will believe then..

Above and beyond the control of a trusting person. No, you do not want to know some of the stuff that goes on. Just be You as you are and doing a great job!

As far as a member of a Local who was not Initiated at the Time, there are and have been many. One from EKD Local who affiliated and was later Intiated in LXA in 2001. As a Founder who was Graduated, before an affiliation, then I am sure They will be welcomed and Initiated as a Full Fledged Member. Some do not really understand that and maybe found it on GC.

So, now this has become a Big FrooFroo Mess as not everyone can and will be excepted in AI. It is not just a thing to do. It is a very serious committment by the individual and the GLO that they are looking at.

Some seem to say that because of GC that AI has been blown out of proportation when we are only a small part of Cyber Space and Internet.

If the numbers were really counted, it would be very small compared to the population of Bodies!

Kelly, big kiss and hug out to you!

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