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sugar and spice (and everyone else for that matter) -- I'm really sorry if my posts have made it seem like I didn't give all of the chapters a chance. I went into rush with an open mind -- I was going to do my own thing (instead of staying w/my best friends) and knew that there were no true "top chapters" compared to the others. All of the chapters were great and throughout the past semester I've met some really great girls from each sorority. I think it would be an honor to be asked to join ANY of these sororities because they are all outstanding, in my opinion. I talked about 4 that I would accept a bid from because those were the 4 groups that kept me the longest throughout the week. I felt the most comfortable there and could see myself with them. That being said, I did not cut any of the chapters nor did I have a preconceived notion of which ones were "the best." The chapters that cut me after first round were the same ones that I didn't really "click" with during the parties. I was not surprised in any way whatsoever because I had the mutual feeling that I wouldn't mesh with them. These 4 chapters that kept me around were (and still are!) awesome. I was truly torn about which one I felt was the best for me. I do admit, I didn't know too many girls in Greek Life at LSU. I went to a small high school and most of my older friends went away for school instead of staying close to home by going to LSU.

As for the organizations thing, at the club sign up day (or whatever you want to call it) our 300 some odd clubs were all (or nearly all) represented. It was quite overwhelming for me considering there were so many people and I had a limited amount of time between my classes. I'm sure I overlooked some of the organizations but we're having another one on Wednesday and I have a good amount of time to spend checking out different organizations and my goal is to find at least 1 organization to get involved with.

Soooooo, back to the topic of the thread....I really just wanted to say that at some larger schools, girls might not end up where they're meant to be simply because of sheer numbers and limited spaces and lots of really great PNMs. I didn't know if anyone on GC was aware of the LSU chapters' rule "cut once, cut always." Is this a common thing for chapters to do? I just found out about this rule a few days ago, so I'm just now trying to get over not being able to be in a sorority, because this was a big deal to me. I'm greatly sorry if I have offended anyone in any way.

As some GCers have suggested, starting a local sorority is a good idea. I read the thread (well not the whole thread) about getting a local started at UCSC so I sort of have an idea of how I could go about doing it, but since LSU has a Panhellenic Board, how would I do it then? And would Greek Affairs really give me a list of the girls who didn't receive bids?

This is really where a new thread should start. PM me if you have any advice/suggestions/complaints/etc.
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