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Ok. First let me say I appologize, I haven't read this whole thread (I have too short of an attention span) but I figured someone from LSU just HAD to weigh in on this.

its not as rare as you think to be cut by all ten at LSU. some girls fall through the cracks.

Again I haven't read everthing so sorry if I am being contrary or redundant. I used sugar and spice's post as a guideline because she seemed to hit the higlights of this issue

First of all, not all chapters at LSU have a 'cut-once cut-always' policy. I know for a fact that certain chapters are allowed to reconsider and certain chapters are not. I have a friend dropped from every house in fall, who rushed in spring and was allowed to go back to certain houses. I also know this to be true per conversations with our Greek Life advisor. LSU will never official say weather or not this is true or not, because they don't want any one to 'hold them to it' because it is up to each chapters discretion weather or not to reconsider.

Although as far as LSU is concerned it is at each chapters discression, girls from the 'cut-once cut-always' chapters have told me that these rules are either passed down from nationals, or are a chapter rule (differs from house to house). I will not name names but a girl from XYZ told me her house could not reconsider due to a national rule (but then again it could be a local rule and she was simply misinformed)

To be perfectly honest, most chapters at LSU are about the same size... With the exception of the one local sorority we have on campus the '10' sororities at LSU (considering only PHC social sororities) are all pretty much the same size (or the size different isnt enough to notice, in my opinion)

I totally understand LSUgrrl not feeling like she would consider 6 of our houses. She has to my knowledge had the oppurtunity to meet girls in every house and figure out who she would click with. This is perhaps the biggest challenge for a PNM who has rushed before. Keeping an open mind is one thing for a high school senior but for someone who has met a couple girls from each house, in a casual setting, its tough.

I will say, that counting out SIX houses is extreme. I could understand finding two or three all wrong for you, but after only meeting a few girls (probably in class or at a bar) counting out more than half of all of these national organizations is silly.

I hope you wont switch schools to go greek. LSU is amazing and if you can't be happy with SIX houses at LSU what are the odds you'll like any houses at ULL or Southeastern.

If you can't find ANYTHING at LSU that interests you except 4 'top' sororities, than maybe its not LSU thats the problem...LSU has hundreds of clubs and organizations to be involved in. PLUS i guareentee every house even your 'top 4' want well rounded girls who dont spend all their time at the house.

"We understand that certain policies at LSU are unfair. But we can't change these policies, and neither can you. '
Sugar and Spice hit the nail on the head with that one.You have to work with the system because trust me, its somewhat set in stone.

And there are definitely some advantages to not going Greek, and I'm sure that if you stay at LSU you'll find out what they are. But first you need to let go of the regret of not being in a sorority. It's in the past -- the only thing you're doing now is making yourself miserable by stressing out about what could have been. It's not that worth it.[/quote]

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