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When i went through recruitment, I was cut by all but 3 chapters - two of which i had tried to cut - after the first round.

I don't remember being upset, and decided to focus on the three i did have (though it sucked other women we going to 10 parties.. and i went to three!).

I think you DO end up where you belong - the chapter I joined I had originally not liked much but as I got to know the women better through out the week I fell in love with the chapter. It took me an hour and a half to rank after pref (deciding between Sigma Kappa and XYZ).

I actually ended up preffing SK second, but regretted it almost instantly I was so excited to get a bid from them!

I think I'm a case where the chapter DID know better than I did about where I fit. Now, as a junior, I don't think I would have been as happy in XYZ.

Did I end up where I thought I would? No. Did i end up where I belonged? Yes.

I'll always wonder why I was cut by 10 chapters after first round, but it doesn't really matter, you know? I had no idea wtf was going with recruitment or greek life in general and I'm sure I shot myself in the foot, but I love where I am!
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