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Originally Posted by CAMOM88 View Post
Thank you for the info. At this point we have not asked for a third letter for any houses though can ask more people- Is it necessary? Also, most forms ask for one photo but I hear that a full length and head shot should be included in packets, should we always use the same pics or alternate so a given sorority might receive several different pictures? Also, if a PNM is a legacy does she also need recommendations?
Yes, a legacy definitely needs a rec. And be sure the relative through whom she is a legacy (grandmother, sister, etc) alerts the chapter that the legacy is going through recruitment. Most sororities have a "legacy information form" or something similar that the relative fills out & sends to the house. Do not assume the house will just "know"! Also- be sure that your daughter actually is a legacy. Some sororities do not acknowledge grandmothers or step relatives; almost no one recognize cousins or aunts.
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