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Originally Posted by AKA_Monet View Post
I think that in Germany, no one can EVER wear items reflecting WWII replicates... I could be wrong. Ironically, some folks in the US try wearing all the stuff here. They can be arrested, but more likely, they will be beat up... Or folks will have huge anger issue with that occurring.
Yeah, some items are forbidden. I donīt know if any frat guys are wearing them.
As mentioned before, some stupid guys destroyed the good reputation of fraternities and sororities in Germany. Some are caused by an incorrect political opinion and some by bad behaviour after drinking too much alcohol.
Today, I depends on the city if you can wear the colours of your fraternity/sorority in public. In the main studentīs town, the student parliament is governed by the left wing who is more progessive and believing in any fraternity are only nazis. If you wear your colours in public (especially the ribbon) you will quite sure get beaten up.
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