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Thank you! Yeah UT is very competitive... I was accepted as an International student (although I have lived in Texas my entire life) and that is supposed to be even more competitive!

I am not in for summer school but I know there is a lot of rush summer events that help PNM to get to know some sorority girls. Visiting is still fun but I just wonder how much more attention the girls who are at Hardin House for the summer get...

Also, how beneficial is it to be a legacy? If you are not a legacy to certain houses, should you be realistic and not expect to get a bid?

I know some threads consider big southern texas rush to be superficial... but are we talking about a cute outfit and nice Tiffany jewlery? or all out Chanel, Gucci, Manolos, Saks, Niemans shopping spree?

Let's say a PNM LOVES XYZ ...and their colors are...Orange and White. Would it be a good or bad idea to wear those colors during rush? If bad, which colors would be OK to wear and not attract negative attention? I heard solid dresses are the best bet.

If I join a sorority I plan on being very dedicated and I want that attitude to show through my rush experience. I want to be prepared but I definitely do not want to/ or hopefully do not need to! go completely all out.....or do I?
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