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Angry Tired

OK folks, I am getting tired of this back biting or what ever You may want to call it!

GreekChat is not a Greek Organization but a group of Greeks who were lucky enuff to find this site and enjoy the Company of Greeks other than our own!

Finding Greeks from different organizations helping each other with any and all problems!

Some get over happy with the idea cause I cant spell zealous -over!

I always was told if you shit in one hand and then the next hand, what do you have/ Shit all over!

We do not need initation dues or any ther thing that will cost money!

We are or most of us are memembers of Greek Orgs. That Is Your First Priority!

Yes, I and we would like to meet the people we are conversing with so that is the regioanl meetings not to set by-laws but to have a Toddy with and say HI!


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