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Originally posted by Skeelicious1
Earl disrespected a brother days before they were initiated. Earl fought with his LBs right before initiation. They told Earl he was the worst pledge!
I didn't think Steve should have made it but neither should Earl. It's amazing how Earl can be forgiven all of a sudden and not Steve. There is no balance here. Shady, just shady.
It seems pretty obvious that there was stuff going on off-camera that we didn't see. I think that MTV just tried to set it up like Earl was going to get kicked off because they wanted it to be a surprise when it was actually Steve.

In all honesty, I think the voting-off process took place AT LEAST a week or two before initiation and MTV just set it up to look like it was right before. I wouldn't be surprised if the MTV timeline was all screwed up with this show.
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