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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
It has nothing to do with it. You dropped out of rush, you were not cut by the sorority (as far as you know). You have a good reason for doing so, but women will probably ask why you did drop out.
I should clarify: I actually do know that they cut me. I went in the morning of Preference Day to let my recruitment advisor know that I wished to drop, but she allowed me to see where I was invited back. I was not invited back to this house.

I'm a little worried because I'm not receiving much follow up from the chapter president (we met about two weeks ago). After I met with her, she did not contact me again until I asked her about further events (I texted her last week). She quickly responded about the fundraising event.

I told a friend that I was interested in the sorority (I'll just refer to it as ABC from now on). She is a sister of ABC, and she reached out to me for lunch with sisters this weekend. So I suppose that's still promising!
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