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Okay, now months later, I have finally looked at all the sororities websites. Pretty damn impressive. So here goes:

Alpha Chi Omega: I absolutely love how AChiO was founded as a music society. As someone who was in choir from 5th grade to sophmore in college, I find this AWESOME!!!

Alpha Delta Pi: I love everything about ADPi. The girls made me feel so incredibly welcome when I was away from home for the first time in my life. I love our concept of Prides and our Alpha program. I love our philanthropy of Ronald McDonald House. I could go on and on about what I love about ADPi.

Alpha Epsilon Phi: I love how the name AEPhi was derived from the Greek phrase "Aei Esto Philio" which translates to "may friendship be everlasting". I love it!

Alpha Gamma Delta: First, I love that their philanthropy is diabetes (I have a grandfather who is diabetic). Second, I met an AGD in college and she was the sweetest, most down to earth girl I had ever met. Loved her to peices.

Alpha Omicron Pi: I love the meaning behind their pledge pin.

Alpha Phi: I'm a dork but I love the "fee" not "fye". LOL. I love the "Phi bear". Plus, I went to high school with a "Famous Phi".

Alpha Sigma Alpha: I love how the founders were friends and all received bids from other sororities but because they wouldn't be sisters they formed their own. I also like their Exemplars.

Alpha Sigma Tau: Love their flower of the yellow rose, which if I remember correctly means friendship.

Alpha Xi Delta: Xi is a cool Greek letter . Plus, I think it is awesome that an AXiD wrote the Panhellenic Creed which is still used today.

Chi Omega: Totally impressed that they have 240,000 initiated women. AWESOME! I love how a man helped to found Chi-O. Go him.

Delta Delta Delta: I love their motto "let us steadfastly love one another".

Delta Gamma: I love their original badge and how they kept the symbolism of it in their official badge.

Delta Phi Epsilon: I love how DPhiE was founded by law students. How cool is that?

Delta Zeta: Love the official colors and the philanthropy

Gamma Phi Beta: I knew a lot of girls from high school who went Gamma Phi. The Gamma Phi's I've met have been a wonderful set of girls. Extremely nice. I also really like the symbol of the crescent moon.

Kappa Alpha Theta: How awesome that Theta was the first "fraternity" for women (not a society).

Kappa Delta: Love their philanthropy (probably 'cause I was a girl scout). I really like their mission statement, especially the line "Kappa Delta looks to the past for its convictions, the present for its oppurtunties and the future for its dreams". Love it. I also love that the rappin' grandma from The Wedding Singer is a KD alumnae.

Kappa Kappa Gamma: I love how incredibly informative their magazine, The Key, is. Their current issue can be read online and I actually read two articles that would pertain to me just by being Greek. (One was about MTV's Sorority Life the other about NPC promotes excellence...).

Phi Mu: What can I say? My Macon sisters!!! I love your creed, I love your pin. I also love your lion. Maybe Alphie and Sir Fidel are friends.

Phi Sigma Sigma: Love that their official stone is the sapphire. One of my personal faves (aside from the diamond).

Pi Beta Phi: I found it interesting to learn that Pi Phi was one of the founding members of NPC. Plus, Jennifer Garner is an alumna. (Major Alias fan here).

Sigma Delta Tau: Their badge is extremely unique and I love their philanthropy of prevent child abuse america. What a great cause!

Sigma Kappa: Their badge is gorgeous and their pledge pin is really unique. I also love their flower, the violet (I wonder why ).

Sigma Sigma Sigma: Love the sailboat as a symbol and the symbolism it implies. Again, love the violet as the official flower. Again I wonder why .

Theta Phi Alpha: I like the history of how Theta Phi Alpha was formed. I also love the mascot of a penguin. So cute.

Zeta Tau Alpha: Love the flower, violet (LOL). Love the sororities history with strawberries. . Also love that the goddess, Themis, is a symbol.
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