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WOW! is all I can say! What a great great GREAT thread, so different and uplifting then a lot of the stuff I have been reading lately on GC. It has inspired me to learn more about the other organizations, something I wish we could have gotten more exposure to in undergrad and not so much the *negative* aspects and *competitiveness* if y'all know what I am saying. I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I went to a small school though where at the time Greek life wasn't too popular.

Besides D*Phi*E we had 2 other nationals, AEPhi & SDT.

I rushed AEPhi my first semester and the girls were always very nice to me even after I decided this wasn't the organization for me. I will always remember them being respectful of my decision and my having eventually chosen D*Phi*E.

I always admired the members of SDT at New Paltz because they were extremely talented musically. Those girls had beautiful voices.

I was also very proud of all 3 nationals having gone back several years later as an alum to see that they were able to have worked out their differences.
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