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I'm procrastinating, should be packing so I thought I would do this.

Alpha Chi Omega- Love the colors always reminded me of christmas, also met a few girls my senior year of HS when I toured SHSU and I just fell in love with them, hung out at their house for hours.

Alpha Delta Pi- My drama teacher in HS was one, she was awesome. All the girls at my hs wanted to be ADPis

Alpha Epsilon Phi- I love your open mottoe.

Alpha Gamma Delta- I love your colors and mascot, squirrels are so cute!

Alpha Omicron Pi- Knew an AOPi from work I really love the panda.

Alpha Phi- I like that is pronounced fee not fi

Alpha Sigma Alpha- Awesome organization, I really enjoyed everything of ASA. when we were going through extension ASA was one of my top choices

Alpha Sigma Tau- I like the flower, and your settlement school is a little bit like Pi Phis.

Alpha Xi Delta- the AXiD's on my campus are great girls, their our neighbors and one of my best friends is one.

Chi Omega- if I hadn't gone pi phi I would've gone chi-o. these girls on my campus are so strong, I have tons of them that are my friends.

Delta Delta Delta- I love that you have tri-psi for your mothers and that you have travel tri-delta

Delta Gamma- They're going to be expanding on NMSU campus in the fall and I always remember them on trading spaces.

Delta Phi Epsilon- I love your mascot.

Delta Zeta- I love that your pin was nominated by Tiffanys for prettiest badge.

Gamma Phi Beta- Your colors are interesting.

Kappa Alpha Theta- KAT, I love cats.

Kappa Delta- I love your philanthropy and Georgia O'Keffe is one and she is such an amazing woman.

Kappa Kappa Gamma- I love the way your name sounds, and always feel love for the monmouth duo. Your house at UNM is amazing!

Phi Mu- I love PINK!! My boss is a Phi Mu and she is an awesome lady.

Phi Sigma Sigma- I love your mascot, the sphinx is so cool.

Pi Beta Phi- My favorite! I love everything about Pi Phi that I am so glad I am part of it. It is amazing to me how much I care about it.

Sigma Delta Tau- Great philanthropy.

Sigma Kappa- Saw a girl at target today in these letters. Liked who they looked.(Just something I noticed)

Sigma Sigma Sigma- I'm always amazed at the triple letter sororities. I also think its interesting you don't go by tri-sig, although I understand why.

Theta Phi Alpha- Love the penguin.

Zeta Tau Alpha- I always thought I would go ZTA once I went to college, my roommate was one and I always loved strawberries since part of my last name is derived from what strawberries mean in french.
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