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This was 40 years ago, but we had the best cook on campus.
We tended to pledge a few "Yankee" girls from the NE every year. The week after pledging, we'd have a typical Southern meal - fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, turnip greens, and biscuits. It was always hilarious to see what our Yankees thought of those turnip greens! Nobody was forced to eat them, of course, but the rest of us put on a big show of how we loved them with a little vinegar.

Most of our meals were like that - just plain Southern food you might get at home in Alabama. Back then, many of us had never eaten in a Mexican or Chinese restaurant - they were not common. Our housemom was from Michigan, but she was a wonderful cook herself and her late husband was a Southener, so she knew how to do it. She made sure she hired a really good cook.

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