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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
I basically said I'd like to see a zero tolerance policy, charters yanked, members kicked out etc when this shit happens. Also, that they need to get off their asses and DO something.

I said I don't feel comfortable donating money to the sorority any longer, because I have no idea what I'm supporting. Am I giving a scholarship to a white supremacist? Backing a program that's turning out racists like an assembly line?

I want EO to stop being wishy washy with lame apologies at best and at worst, silence which is complicity. I want them to stand up and DO something. You know ... show some character, which is supposed to be part of the new values programming.

I wrote over 20 recs this year. Three of those recs (so far) have gone Alpha Phi and two of those PNMs are women of colour.

I am terrified of what kind of organization I just recommended them into.

I am so, so angry.
It was one Alpha Phi and they picked an inappropriate name for a team. I am not sure why your post is so dramatic? I don't think this very poor judgement call by one individual is akin to white supremacy and nationals supporting one. I honestly think you should have more respect for your national officers and not trash them like this on social media. Sending them an email, calling them personally, volunteering to be on a committee on the national level are all better options than talking like this about your organization on a public forum.
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