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Originally Posted by LegallyBrunette View Post
When I was a collegian, one of the pledge sisters few classes after mine had Cystic Fibrosis. Initially, she hadn't told anyone about and the only sisters aware of it were those involved with Risk Management. Unfortunately, a few days before Initiation she was hospitalized for complications surrounding CF. Needless to say, the word got out about her illness and she was unable to attend Initiation with the rest of her class. She was very upset. At that time we didn't know how long she would be hospitalized for and we knew how much she was looking forward to Initiation. Thinking it would lift her spirits, we made arrangements to conduct her Initiation in the hospital. After several lengthy phone conversations with the nurses on her floor (re if it would be safe for thirty girls to descend on her hospital room) and her parents, we were cleared. It was the week of fall semester finals and the entire chapter carpooled through rush hour traffic in downtown Boston with all of our ritual equipment and surprised her by Initiating her. What it lacked in atmosphere (surrounded by hospital beds and various other pieces of medical equipment), it more than made up for in emotion.

Several years later, after having seen the Installation of a new chapter and many other Initiations and events, that Initiation is by far the most special and moving experience I have had a sister of Theta Phi Alpha.
That is an amazing story! What a sisterhood!!
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