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Sorry for the delay - I went to spend Bid Day with several of my new sisters at a different campus and the cell phone coverage was very poor. Had to wait to get back home to post the results of daughter's Bid Day.

I had to leave around 8 and daughter was supposed to be at her Bid Day events at 10am. Any calls that were going to be made would be made by 8:45. Daughter was anxious still, but I got a text around 9 that since she didn't get a call, she was getting ready to head to campus. My own sisters and I were setting up for our own Bid Day, and everyone kept asking if we had news yet. (They all wanted to see pictures!) Spotty coverage of cell service didn't help. But finally, shortly after 10, a text finally came through from Daughter with a picture of her bid card to the Bulldogs or better known as

Alpha Xi Delta!!!

She was so very excited, yet antsy because she had to wait a bit still after opening bid cards to run to her new sisters. She had a great day with her sisters. Her Bid Day buddy was fabulous and she loved all her little gifts. In addition to her Bid Day shirt, she also got another shirt. (Not to mention the one we happened to find the other day. Guess it must have been a sign!) So she's well on her way to having plenty of AXiD themed stuff.

Yesterday after she had received her Pref invites, I had her stepdad help me cut letters in wood, paint them and decorate them for her door here at the house. Since she's living at home this year and not on campus, I thought that would be a nice surprise for her. I wasn't home yet, but my husband sent me a picture of her reaction when she stopped by the house to get a few things. She was so excited that we had done it. She even posted on Snapchat a picture of it with the caption "Best Parents!"

So two successful Bid Day celebrations in our home today. I was very happy to see my 46 new sisters for Zeta Tau Alpha as well. And now I'm worn out and ready for a nap! Thanks to all for the good thoughts and reassurance through the process!
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