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Pref went very well for daughter. She was picked up by the girl she spoke to on Sisterhood night and had bonded with over some common interests. She said this girl and all the others were just fantastic. She cried with their ritual. Some of the actives and PNMs were talking about Bid Day. One of the actives said that she had received her bid in the Spring Informal Recruitment, so this would be her first Bid Day. The actives were all talking that while they hoped the PNMs would be running home to the Bulldogs, that they would be super happy for the PNMs to get to run home to any of the groups. My daughter told them "This is where I want to run home for sure."

Prior to recruitment, the Bulldogs were #4 in her mind, but I think she saw how keeping an open mind was really good. It helped her see how fantastic (most) of the groups were for her and how she could fit in their sisterhood in someway, but ultimately, you will find a home and sisters that are great.

Of course over the last few days, she's watched some girls get completely cut, some girls get upset that they didn't get an invite back to that special group and others that saw they got cut from a specific group, hand in their nametag and stuff and head home. She saw girls get catty when another in her group who only got invites back to two groups was a little emotional (but didn't quit). They couldn't understand why it was a big deal to her, but these same girls got 4 invites back. Even when you weren't completely rejected, it still stings a little. (That girl stuck it out and was very happy with her pref choices, btw. It was just a bit overwhelming at that moment.) Daughter took my advice about open minds and sticking it out, and gave it to her friend who only got invites back to one group each night, but after pref was very happy with this group and will be very happy to accept a bid with them.

Daughter was nervous last night. Thankfully I think she was tired enough that she did fall asleep. Even though I know her chances of getting a bid are pretty darn high, having only one pref party, I didn't tell her how high. I want her to have this experience in the fullest I think. I think the tears and emotions she has today will help her bond with her new sisters and help her be sympathetic to PNMs she talks to down the road.

So I'm up early to go help at another campus for bid day for my sorority. I'm excited to see all my new sisters too. I'll be anxiously awaiting the text and pictures from my daughter. Once I make sure she's settled, I'll update this story with the real name of the Bulldogs.
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