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Originally Posted by QLB817 View Post
Ouch, sometimes cuts can really hurt! Daughter got her invite list for Round Two.

Bulldogs and Basset Hounds

She's a little sad that the Labradors didn't invite her back, but it seems like cuts were a bit rough on quite a few. Daughter's HS friend only got one invite back( Basset Hounds). Another girl in her group didn't get any invites and there were some tears in other groups.

Her first party is a little later. She asked if I'd bring her Chunky Monkey while she waits. (We live 10 minutes away from campus.) I'm thinking about it, but I'd want to take tons of wet wipes just in case. 😊
I would say she had a good day! She got cut by the house at the bottom of her list, which is good because maximizing options doesn't mean agonizing about taking a bid from a house she dislikes, and she has 2 of her top 4. I've known folks who would utterly be thrilled with such results for day 1. Well done!
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