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Something doesn't sound right here. Let's say there are 36 Sundays in a school year and go from there.

While the chapters with whom I have worked (7-9) have occasionally had Initiation on Sunday morning, they've never regularly had anything else. Initiation is ONE TIME a year, TWO if you take a New Member class both semesters. This leaves 34 Sunday mornings.

If the school is having Bid Day on Sunday, again, this is ONE DAY per year. So now we're down to 33 Sunday mornings free. This would be a Panhellenic decision, so talking with the chapter advisor about your chapter's delegate working on this in your Panhellenic would possibly be a better route to take here.

I can't imagine why a chapter would hold philanthropy events every Sunday morning. Philanthropy events require PEOPLE to give you money or to participate, and it just doesn't mesh with my experience of current college campuses that so many people are out walking campus on Sunday morning to donate to your table, play volleyball in the sand, jump on a trampoline, etc...... So this chapter holds or participates in around 30 philanthropy events each school year?????

Yes, many organizations hold chapter meetings on Sunday evenings, and it can be during the same time as evening services. That does not prevent attending morning services (unless, as we are led to believe, the chapter holds philanthropy events every Sunday morning), attending chapel during the week, Wednesday night services, or weekday Bible studies.

While I know that it can seem like a chapter has something going on "all the time," this is rarely actually the truth, except during Greek Week, Recruitment Week and possibly Homecoming Week. There is a better solution than throwing away a lifetime of sisterhood. *You* (meaning any member of a Greek organization who faces this problem) just have to be willing to look for it.
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