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Originally Posted by ari115 View Post
Not sure what you mean by "arguing the answers" I simply elaborated on my experience to give more background to determine if I had done things right/wrong. I had no idea this site existed before today. I had previously been watching Youtube videos of girls giving advice for potential new members. Almost all the videos explained what you should say/not say but didn't mention the interviewers would be asking about why you want to join the sorority specifically. In formal rush, I believe you talk to every house, correct? Even the ones you don't think you'll fit in. I saw nothing about telling each sorority about why you think you'd fit in there. I thought you generally speak to someone and hopefully you feel a connection and can see yourself with that house. I assumed it was the same for this, except a little later and only one house. I guess I was unprepared, but everything I read and viewed didn't tell me to prepare they all just said "be yourself" and see if you make a connection with a house. I do know most of the lingo, just not COB because it wasn't applicable to my situation.
You're missing the point that colony recruitment is COMPLETELY different than formal recruitment or COB. Everything about it is different - the structure, the process, what the sorority is looking for in terms of members, etc. It would have helped for you to have researched colony recruitment because you would have been prepared for the alumna's interview questions (they sound pretty typical for a colony interview), but hindsight is 20/20.

I'm also unclear about your comment about singing up for formal via each chapter's Instagram because I know of exactly zero campuses where that is the protocol. Formal recruitment is always sponsored by the campus' Panhellenic council.

Do you have any friends or door mates who are sorority members at your school? I think it would help you to get the lay of the land on your campus by talking to them about their sorority experiences. Then maybe in the spring you can seek out COB opportunities. The new colony will almost definitely take a spring new member class. Not knowing your school, it's impossible to tell how realistic it is for a junior to get a bid during fall formal; at some campuses it's almost impossible and at others every group takes a few.
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