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Here's a little more advice for you: start reading this website. Read through maybe 100 threads. Look at your school's sorority website and read all you can about each of the sororities represented. Come back here and ask continually more thoughtful questions and don't argue with the answers (which is not the same as asking follow up questions). Sorority life is not what outsiders might think it is. it also is great training for the real world, interviewing, working with different kinds of people, the skills you learn impact a lot of areas of your life.

Then, that being said, colonies always have to add more members soon after starting. Many girls just aren't prepared for the tremendous amount of work it takes. Plus it seems to be the trend in colonies these days is to allow the colony members to start tackling recruitment pretty soon. So do your homework, know the lingo, bone up on your interview skills, have your elevator pitch ready (google it), and then put your best AUTHENTIC foot forward. And let us know!
Not sure what you mean by "arguing the answers" I simply elaborated on my experience to give more background to determine if I had done things right/wrong. I had no idea this site existed before today. I had previously been watching Youtube videos of girls giving advice for potential new members. Almost all the videos explained what you should say/not say but didn't mention the interviewers would be asking about why you want to join the sorority specifically. In formal rush, I believe you talk to every house, correct? Even the ones you don't think you'll fit in. I saw nothing about telling each sorority about why you think you'd fit in there. I thought you generally speak to someone and hopefully you feel a connection and can see yourself with that house. I assumed it was the same for this, except a little later and only one house. I guess I was unprepared, but everything I read and viewed didn't tell me to prepare they all just said "be yourself" and see if you make a connection with a house. I do know most of the lingo, just not COB because it wasn't applicable to my situation.
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