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I agree. Go into recruitment with an open mind. Don't go in with preconceived notions about what other people may say, b/c that is their opinion and you should make your own. One house that may be great for your best friend may not be for you. I know most of us on here have been in that position.

If I had gone into recruitment with what one of my roommates said about a chapter at my school it would have severely biased my judgement. I'm not in that particular chapter, but alot of my really good friends are and I wouldn't change where I went for the world.

I will add to what OleMiss said, and yes check out those schools Panhellenic websites, also check out the organizations [inter]national websites. Check out what they were founded on, their ideals, philanthropies, and such. Get a feel for the entire organization so when you go into recruitment you can ask questions and get to know the women you will be talking to. Each one of those organizations are great and each have different ideals. If it will help, also check out the NPC Sorority challenge thread and see what other women are saying about the glo's.

ETA: I just read the reply above mine about girls being dropped and then quitting completely. I had my heart set on one house, but I realized that I would be where I was meant to be, where I could do the most good and be myself. Remember that going into this. Don't completely drop out of recruitment if you are dropped from your first choice, keep your mind open, b/c you may see things that you weren't seeing before and change your mind.
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